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Karya Ditampilkan di AS, Musisi asal Bantul Ciptakan Medium Musik Inklusif (article—for the English translation, visit this link). VOA (Voice of America) Indonesia. 2023.

Karya Ditampilkan di AS, Musisi Asal Bantul Ciptakan Medium Musik Inklusif (video with Indonesian closed captions). VOA (Voice of America) Indonesia. 2023.


Composition Student Jay Afrisando Pursues Developments in Sound Technology and Music Accessibility With Jerome Hill Artist Fellowship. College of Liberal Arts - Music. 2021.

2015 OneBeat Fellow Jay Afrisando on his new virtual music festival, Festival Musik dalam Layar. Nyokabi Kariuki, Medium: Found Sound Nation. 2020.

Apart from 'listening', you can feel and see music. ReSound. 2020.

How about a little office music? Composer Jay Afrisando is all work and play. Terry Blain, ClassicalMPR. 2019.

Jay Afrisando's Surprising Indonesian-Jazz Fusion. Phil Nusbaum, KBEM 88.5 Jazz. 2017.

TigaTrio plays live from a long distance. OneBeat. 2016.

Mixtape Interview: Jay Afrisando. OneBeat. 2016.


Notes from a Rheumatoid Sound Body. Ed Garland, Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts (Issue 07: Following sonorous bodies). 2021.

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On the Road: MOXsonic 2020. Gregory Taylor, Cycling '74. 2020.

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Mengorkestrasikan Kebisingan Kendaraan (Orchestrating Din of Vehicles). Michael H.B. Raditya, Tribun Jogja (page 17). 2016.

Orkestra Klakson dan Mesin Motor. Haris Firdaus, Harian Kompas. 2016.


2021 Summer Graduate Fellows. College of Liberal Arts - Music. 2021.

Walker Art Center's Expanding The Frame Series Features Online Experimental Films by BIPOC and LGBTQ+ Artists this February. Walker Art Center. 2021.

Latest Jerome Hill Artist Fellowships Announced. Jerome Foundation. 2021.

First Round of OneBeat Accelerator Recipients Announced. OneBeat Accelerator, Found Sound Nation. 2020.

MOXsonic 2020 Photo Gallery. MOXsonic. 2020.


Landmark to Lowertown 2019. Jim Nihart, the American Composers Forum. 2019.


Student Jay Afrisando's Work Presented at Linux Audio Conference 2019. College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota. 2019.


Khyber Pass Cafe's Podcast. Paul Metzger (search keyword “Jay Afrisando”). 2019.

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