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Expanding the Frame Live


in collaboration with Lee Noble.

live improvisational digital film,


NB: Turn on CC for sound caption (not included during the actual performance).

Two Twin Cities–based artists teamed up virtually to present a spontaneous, live performance film. Musician and sound artist Jay Afrisando was in his home studio and interdisciplinary artist Lee Noble was in the Walker’s McGuire Theater. They met virtually to create an improvisational digital film in real time.

“Expanding the Frame Live” have been archived and listed on The Ruben/Bentson Moving Image Collection. It is currently on screening at Walker Art Center’s The Bentson Mediatheque.

concept & composition

Jay Afrisando and Lee Noble


Jay Afrisando


Lee Noble

assistant curator/archivist

Michael Walsh

associate curator

Doug Benidt

production manager

Sara Shives

event technician

Jon Kirchhofer

stage supervisor

Phillip O'Toole

Jay Afrisando employs pre-recorded samples and live input from wind instruments, found objects, and his own speech that were live-processed using SuperCollider, a platform for audio synthesis. Lee Noble employs a live-mixed collage running in free video switching software with a combination of pre-recorded, collected, and live components.


Walker Art's Virtual Cinema, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, US on 26 February 2021.

Presented by the Walker Art Center through a collaboration between the Moving Image Department (Michael Walsh, assistant curator/archivist) and the Performing Arts Department (Doug Benidt, associate curator) at the Walker.

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