An image showing the screening of Jay Afrisando's audiovisual work "The (Real) Laptop Music :))" in front of audiences.

Jay Afrisando


Music Composer, Sound Artist.

Jay employs sound and other media to share awareness of human-nature-technology relationships. His works have been presented at Aural Diversity Conference, MOXsonic, In Situ: Festival for Electronic Music & Sound Art, Disability Awareness Week, and Linux Audio Conference, to name a few. He received the Next Step Fund 2020, the Ambassador’s Award for Excellence 2019, the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016, the Innovative Art Grant 2016, and 2nd Prize Winner of Prix Annelie de Man 2015.

Gendhing Cosmic 2 (2020)
Spring Morning Meeting (2020)
Ungklang-Angklung (2019)
The Night is Dark and Full of Roarers (2019)
Exploring the Music of Your Office (2019)
Drama Kata-Kata (2018)
Mother Earth: Land & Water (2018)
Gendhing Cosmic (2018 & 2019)
The Autobiography of Broken Instruments (2018)
The (Real) Laptop Music :)) (2017 & 2019)
Spirals (2017)
Open Kitchen (2017)
Remember the Forgotten 2 (2017)
Mulur-Mungkret (2017)
Blues Pulse (2017)
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