An image showing the screening of Jay Afrisando's audiovisual work "The (Real) Laptop Music :))" in front of audiences.

Jay Afrisando

Music Composer,

Sound Artist.

Employing sound and other media, Jay Afrisando aspires to share awareness of human-nature-technology relationships. His works have been presented at Aural Diversity Conference, MOXsonic, In Situ: Festival for Electronic Music & Sound Art, Disability Awareness Week, and Linux Audio Conference, among others. He is a Jerome Hill Artist Fellow 2021-22, a grantee of the Next Step Fund 2020, and a OneBeat 2015 Fellow. He also received the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016 and the 2nd Prize Winner of Prix Annelie de Man 2015.

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Gendhing Cosmic 2
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Drama Kata-Kata
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Gendhing Cosmic
The Autobiography of Broken Instruments
The (Real) Laptop Music :))
Open Kitchen
Remember the Forgotten 2
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