Aural Architecture


in collaboration with Jamil Haque and Gelsey Bell.

mono audiovisual media,


NB: Work-in-progress, expected to be launched in December 2021.

“Aural Architecture” takes into account aural experiences that originate in the mind as a result of multisensory exposure to sound. This work expresses that aural gestalts—perceptual sonic configurations—are properties that d/Deaf and hearing persons have in common.


In this work, aural gestalts are communicated through visuals conveyed in ASL (American Sign Language) and sounds conveyed in a human voice. The ASL and voice deliver sonic ideas that occur in the real world and imagination activated by human memory. Instead of depicting its sound-generating objects when visualizing the sounds, the ASL tries to exhibit sonic characteristics by interpreting their perceptual qualities.

“Aural Architecture” attempts to connect both d/Deaf and hearing worlds, that d/Deaf listeners aurally experience sound through visuals and never live in silence, whereas hearing persons often process aural experiences through visualized configurations.

“Aural Architecture” is inspired by
2013’s multisensory workshop by architect Jeffrey Mansfield that investigates how “pure” sign language which replicates the sensation of sound allows us to listen visually. This work is also inspired by 1961’s phenomenological music theory by theorist and composer James Tenney that considers aural gestalt or an embodied experiential standpoint in comprehending sonic events.

 concept & composition

Jay Afrisando

sign creators

Jay Afrisando & Jamil Haque

voice creators

Jay Afrisando & Gelsey Bell

ASL signer

Jamil Haque


Gelsey Bell


Arif Angga & Cahya Haniva

production assistant

Terry Perdanawati