The Indisposed City; a Protest

Yogyakarta, a quite small city in Java Island, is well known for its slogan; Yogyakarta Berhati Nyaman (acronym from bersih, sehat, indah, & nyaman/clean, healthy, beautiful, and comfortable). As an immigrant living in this city since late 1999, I have been feeling much comfortable with the environment and the people. However, for late few years, this city has not been comfortable anymore. For the sake of investments and domestic income, many capitalists have built hotels and malls while local government fails to manage urban planning well. It seems that local government who is led by Mayor Haryadi Suyuti does not consider how environment and social life can be affected. Nowadays, receding g

A Prototype of Modified Saluang; Exploring Narrowness

I had enough time to practice and observe Saluang while having my residency in Korea. Anyway, it was difficult to find any literatures explaining Saluang and the music of West Sumatera. It also took time to understand what I have learned with this instrument. It was in September 2014 when I felt like Archimedes shouting “Eureka!” out after finding that I could do something more based on Saluang. Before telling you further, I will explain Saluang shortly. Saluang is a long flute originated in West Sumatera, the west part of Indonesia. It is an open bamboo tube, approximately 1 inch diameter and 40-70 sm length, with four finger holes. Like no other flute which is played horizontally or vert

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