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TIGAtrio: bio


trans-nation improvisation group



TIGAtrio was founded by Ng Chor Guan (Malaysia), Daniel de Mendoza (Colombia), and Jay Afrisando (Indonesia) during the OneBeat residency at Montalvo Arts Center, Saratoga, CA, US, in October 2015.


Besides working in trio form, TIGAtrio invited one or two guest musicians into each recording or performing session (called TIGAtrio + One/Two), primarily from the OneBeat program. Collaborators with TIGAtrio include Jeremy Thal (USA), Elena Moon Park (USA), Mark Stewart (USA), Tsai Hui Ya (Taiwan), Gideon Crevoshay (USA), Katya Shilonosova (Russia), Nandi Plunkett (USA), Ibukun Emuwawon (Nigeria), Saideh Eftekhari (USA), Dragana Tomic (Serbia), Pat Swoboda (USA), Christie Burns (USA), and Anna Gelyuk (Russia).


TIGAtrio uses approaches ranging from electronic manipulation to extended technique on acoustic instruments, “double exposure” recordings (inviting a new improvisation onto a pre-recorded improvisation), and site-specific performances to compose these original, improvised works. During the OneBeat program, TIGAtrio recorded 16 collaborative compositions with collaborators using a range of instruments, from acoustic to electronic to newly created instruments.


courtesy of Hannah Devereux.

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