The Night is Dark and Full of Roarers


saluang, sarunai, bansi, & multichannel live electronics,



“The Night is Dark and Full of Roarers” is an improvised piece for saluang, sarunai, bansi, and live electronics. The work uses stereo (or more) outputs in which the sound may evoke acousmatic image at some points. Saluang, sarunai, and bansi are wind instruments made from bamboo originated from West Sumatra, Indonesia.


The sound of saluang, sarunai, and bansi is live-processed using SuperCollider. The program mainly uses the software's built-in pattern libraries through which the sound is electronically manipulated. This performance also utilizes live coding as its live processing method.

 system & improvisation 

Jay Afrisando

performance 2

MOXsonic (Missouri Experimental Sonic Arts Festival) 2020, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO on 7 March 2020.

performance 1

Khyber Pass Cafe Music Thursdays, St. Paul, MN, US on 7 March 2019.