Prix Annelie de Man 2015

In the end of May, there will be an exciting program at Het Orgelpark which is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The program will perform the works for harpsichord composed by Ligeti, John Cage, & Roderik de Man, also a competition for harpsichordists, and a performance of six finalists' compositions which was selected by the juries. This program is called the Prix Annelie de Man held by Stichting Annelie de Man.

I am glad that my work entitled Water Siter was selected to compete with other five finalists' works at the Prix. What sounds interesting is I am the only Asian finalist composer since the other finalists are from European country. The juries for this competition are Guus Janssen, Goska Isphording, Francesco Filidei, and Roderik de Man. The chairman of the board of Stichting Annelie de Man is Mr. Jorge Isaac.

From left to right: Guus Janssen, Francesco Filidei, Goska Isphording, Roderik de Man, and Mr. Jorge Isaac. Credit: Prix Annelie de Man

The Water Siter is set for two prepared harpsichords and one de Erard Vleugel, the old piano which is stored at Het Orgelpark. Those harpsichords are tuned with a special tuning based on Slendro pentatonic scale. Meanwhile, the work uses special way of improvisation and it is composed as a graphic score.

It is confirmed that three players are going to perform my composition; Ere Lievonen, Arend Grosfeld (harpsichord), and Anne Veinberg (de Erard Vleugel).

For those who live in the Netherlands or other European countries, please come to the Prix Annelie de Man 2015 and remember to watch the performance of harpsichordist and composers competition!

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