kendang, gender, siter, slenthem, gong, bassoon, & 3 sarons


Mulur-Mungkret explores time stretching-and-shrinking based on how gamelan organizes time (irama, in the karawitan term) in a more brute-force way. The piece also use three tuning systems at the same time: the slendro, the pelog, and the diatonic 12-equal temperament.

This performance was conveyed by Stephen May (US, kendhang), Daniel Furuta (US, gender & saron), Lars Christensen (US, siter), Casey Palbicki (US, slenthem), Bill Heinze (US, bassoon), and Jay Afrisando (ID gong & saron) at the Studio Z, St. Paul, MN, US on September 9, 2017.

Supported in part by the American Composers Forum through the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016 funded by the Jerome Foundation.

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