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kendang, gender, siter, slenthem, gong, bassoon, & 3 sarons,


“Mulur-Mungkret” explores time stretching-and-shrinking based on how gamelan organizes time (irama, in the karawitan term) in somehow a more brute-force way. The piece also use three tuning systems at the same time: slendro, pelog, and the diatonic 12-equal temperament.


Jay Afrisando


Performed at Studio Z, St. Paul, MN, US on 9 September, 2017.

Supported in part by the American Composers Forum through the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award 2016 funded by the Jerome Foundation.

Stephen May kendang

Daniel Furuta gender & saron

Lars Christensen siter

Casey Palbicki slenthem

Bill Heinze bassoon

Jay Afrisando gong & saron

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