List of Artistic Works

(compositions, installations, scores, concert-length works)

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Birds, Horses, and Folks, horizontal first order ambisonics field recording. 2020.

Gendhing Cosmic, 7th order ambisonics. 2020.

Angklung Drone, stereo live electronics. 2020.

T, participatory text composition. 2020.

Reverse, ambisonics fixed media (work-in-progress). 2019.

Ungklang-Angklung, 8-channel fixed media. 2019.

Exploring the Music of Your Office, interactive audio installation. 2019.

The Night is Dark and Full of Roarers, saluang, sarunai, bansi, and multichannel live electronics. 2019.

Drama Kata-Kata (Drama of Words), stereo fixed media. 2018.

Mother Earth: Land & Water, stereo fixed media & 3rd order ambisonics (in collaboration with Katie Kummerow and Setyastuti). 2018 & 2019.

Agile Steps, solo piccolo/flute/alto flute. 2018.

Gendhing Cosmic, 4-channel & 5th order ambisonics installation. 2018 & 2019.

The Autobiography of Broken Instruments, 2-channel fixed media. 2019.

The (Real) Laptop Music :)), stereo audiovisual media. 2017 & 2019.

Spirals, two violins. 2017.

Mulur-Mungkret, kendang, gender, siter, slenthem, gong, bassoon, & 3 sarons. 2017.

Open Kitchen, fixed media. 2017.

Blues Pulse, tenor sax & improvised quinto. 2017.

Remember the Forgotten 2.0, bassoon & live electronics. 2017.

Gatra, gong, piano, slenthem, vibraphone, & bonang panerus. 2016.

Gunung Singgalang, solo prepared mountain dulcimer. 2016.

Mode[a]rn, a participatory concert-length performance. 2016.

Apa Kamu Ingat yang Terlupa (Remember the Forgotten 1.0), a participatory composition. 2016.

Gendhing Trans-Border, constructed improvisation for infinite number of mixed instruments. 2016.

Counter Strike, conducted improvisation for infinite number of mixed instruments. 2015.

<untitled>, participatory graphic score (in collaboration with Katya Shilonosova). 2015.

Percakapan dengan Kebisingan, stereo audiovisual media & score transcription. 2016.

Water Siter, two prepared harpsichords & Erard vleugel (a period piano). 2015.

Sketch for Alex, steel-string acoustic guitar. 2015.

in 4., collaborative composition for an infinite number of instruments. 2015.

Sajak Sang Rumput, female vocal, clarinet, piano, double bass, and drum. 2013.

Pada Sebuah Titik, female vocal, soprano sax, flugelhorn, and drum. 2013.

Karena Rasa Hanyalah Titipan, male vocal, tenor sax, piano, electric bass, and drum. 2013.

Jika Sepi Mampir ke Rumah, male vocal and electric bass. 2013.

Ko Put On, male vocal, baritone sax, keyboards, electric guitar, and drum. 2013.

Sepakat Untuk Tidak Sepakat, male vocal, baritone sax, electric bass, double bass, and drum. 2013.

Jika Rindu Itu Peluru, female vocal, tenor sax, keyboards, double bass, and drum. 2013.

Nota 16 Maret 2010, male vocal, tenor sax, flugelhorn, siter, keyboards, and drum. 2013.

If I were a Book, female vocal, clarinet, violin, and cello. 2013.

Membuatku Cinta, male vocal, tenor sax, keyboards, electric bass, and drum. 2012.

Syukur Itu Memberi, female vocal, male vocal, soprano sax, keyboards, electric bass, and drum. 2012.

Manggali, female vocal, soprano sax, tenor sax, keyboards, electric bass, and drum. 2011.

Sederhana Itu Cinta Kita, female vocal, soprano sax, and keyboards. 2011.

Belajar Bijaksana, female vocal, male vocal, tenor sax, keyboards, electric bass, and drum. 2011.

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