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Jay & Gatra Wardaya

a group focusing on text-based and contemporary music.

Jay & Gatra Wardaya was initiated by Jay Afrisando in June 2011; he gathered musicians interested in setting text into music. The group has collaborated with musicians, writers, programmers, actors, and dancers.

Since its inception, Jay & Gatra Wardaya’s works have addressed social phenomena happening within both the Indonesian society and the world. Although the musicians collaborating in this group ground in jazz and progressive pop, Jay & Gatra Wardaya has been open to many musical and artistic possibilities when responding texts and contexts of social, time, and space.

The collaborators participating in the group comprises of Jay Afrisando (artistic director & composer—ID), Bawien Panggalih (vocalist & writer—ID), Ignatius Made (bass player—ID), Okvan Pramudya (percussionist—ID), Leilani Hermiasih (keyboard player, vocalist, & writer—ID), Terry Perdanawati (writer—ID), also Bayu Aryoyudanta and Banu Antoro (technologist—ID).


Jay & Gatra Wardaya composes music with various approaches ranging from spontaneous text setting, composed & collective improvisation, to participatory performance. Jay & Gatra Wardaya has been featured as a main performer at Mode[a]rn, a participatory music performance (initiated & directed by Jay Afrisando) that was awarded Hibah Seni Karya Inovatif 2016 (Innovative Art Grant) from Yayasan Kelola (Kelola Foundation).

Jay & Gatra Wardaya has published two albums, Tanda Hati (2013) and Membuatku Cinta (2012).


courtesy of Yudanta.

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