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in 4.


a collective work by 40 composers.

based on Terry Riley's in C,




“in 4.” is a new, collective work by 40 composers from around the world, created and curated by ‘the music box project.’


This video is a live recording of the first performance of in 4. on 4 March 2015 at Glebe Justice Centre, Sydney, NSW, AU.


In response to Terry Riley's in C., composers were asked to submit a single cell of music creatively reflecting the number 4. After receiving over 100 submission, 40 cells were chosen to form this work by the following composers (in order of cell appearance):

Girolamo Deraco, Erich Barganier, Nicolas Ciner, Matthew Colucci, David Drexler, Sophie Spargo, Max Stannard, James Humberstone, Oliver Hollenbach, Philip Eames, Milo St. Clare Holmes, Alexis Weaver, Michael Butkus-Bomier, Sara Nguyen, Nathan R. Johnson, Joseph Tabua, Jeffrey Wu, Nicole Murphy, Jack Frerer, Mark Wolf, Pete Leung, Katherine Sowerby, Marlene Radice, Kirsten Macaulay, Josephine Gibson, Harry Burgess, Maggie Bell, Travis W Herd, Justin Comer, Sally Whitwell, Adrian Kingwell, Elizabeth Jigalin, Delia Bartle, Sophie Hoffman, Stuart McBurney, Jacob Alford Gracis, Edmund Jolliffe, Juan Maria Solare, Marc Laroussini, Jay Afrisando.

The quartet of quartets:

Pete Leung (sop sax)

Liz Cheung (fl)

Natasha Effendy (cl)

Laura Andrew (al sax)

Joe Lisk (tp/fgh)

Paul Meo (tpt)

Harry Burgess (tbn)

Jackson Bankovic (tbn)

Ciaran Frame (perc)

Harry Day (drums)

Elizabeth Jigalin (pno)

Milan Monk (vib)

Joe Manton (el bass)

Danica Hobden (el gtr)

Jane Aubourg (el vln)

Wilbur Whitta (el keys)

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